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Joe and Denise have both been Christians for over 40 years. They were raised in church and have attended most of their life. Both have served in various church positions such as Deacon, Clerk, Children's Church Leader, Choir Member and on the  Praise and Worship Team.

Joe is employed as an RN. He attended Paducah Community College. Denise is employed as an RN/General Manager. She has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years and has held a National Certification as RN in Infusion for the past 12 years. Denise is a passionate worshiper. Both she and Joe lead Praise and Worship with the same passion they worship with.

Joe and Denise have attended and taught several Praise and Worship  Conferences and seminars. They lead the Choir and Worship Team. They have been Praise and Worship Leaders at Christ Community Church since it's inception.

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