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History of Christ Community Church


On Thursday evening, June 3rd, 2010, at 7 p.m., a group of 25 people met at the home of Doc and Peggy Holloway at West Paducah Kentucky for the purpose of discussing the idea of starting a "new" church. The discussion included "motives" for a new church, a desire to grow the kingdom, a hunger to chase God, a desire to witness God's miraculous power, to see a great worship center, and to see people saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  After the discussion was finished, it was unanimously agreed to begin a church that would represent all those desires and ideas.

The next step was to choose a church name. After ten or twelve names were submitted, a vote was taken and Christ Community Church was accepted. The name represents what we want people to know about us. First of all, IT IS ALL ABOUT CHRIST! Secondly, we are all about the community. WE ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, social or economic status. And thirdly, we are in every aspect ....A CHURCH!

After a few services at the house in West Paducah, we moved to the home of Roy and Sara Bubbenhoffer in the Lone Oak area. We spent six weeks with this wonderful family who transformed their living room into seating and their formal dining room into a pulpit area. We still smile when we remember that a "plant stand" was used for a bible stand from which to preach. We made some great memories.

We then rented a building on the south side of Paducah which was once a nightclub. We were tempted to put up a sign that humorously read "still dancing... just changed partners".  After complete renovation, we held our first service on Sunday, August 8th, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. We had 43 in attendance. That same week, we rented the adjoining building and began remodeling to create a Junior Church area, a foyer, a Cafe area, a church office and more restrooms. We know our time at this location is temporary so we initiated a "Building Fund" to purchase property. We already have schematics and diagrams for our new building.

On Sunday, October 24th, 2010, we had our Dedication and Celebration service. Reverend David Cardwell delivered a powerful message followed by a great time around the altar. After those things were accomplished, we shared a Litany of Dedication and asked God to take full control of our church and our lives.  We had 70 in attendance for the Morning Worship Service and received 22 Charter Members. We had 93 in attendance for the lunch and afternoon celebration. It was a powerful day.

In July 2011, a church organization contacted us about a property they had for sale. The facility is 15,000 square feet. The sanctuary will seat about 225 with the choir, it has a fellowship hall/cafeteria with a full kitchen, a church office and a supply room. The educational wing has classrooms for all age groups, a nursery and a Deacons Board room. The Family Life Center houses the office of the Pastor, Secretary, Clerk and Youth Pastor, a high school size gym, a youth lounge, a large game room, a children’s play room and a weight and workout room. Immediately behind the FLC, we have a fenced playground with swings, monkey bars, merry-go-round and slide. 

 After a couple of church Business Conferences, we decided unanimously to purchase the property and we began negotiations with the organization. At the end of August we agreed on a purchase price. We received our signed contracts on September 13th and immediately began work on the buildings. There were several cosmetic repairs we needed to make. Our last services at the building on the Southside of Paducah, was on Sunday, September 25th. Our first Sunday service at our new facility was October 2nd, 2011.

Our “first” service was a tremendous success and we have been growing every service. We are moving forward with no intentions of looking back. Christ Community Church is a place "where our vision is greater than our memory"!

The summer of 2016, we renovated our Family Life Center. We resurfaced the gym floor, added new men’s and women’s restrooms, added a new kitchen and added new central heat and air conditioning.  That same year, we built a new 40' x 50' bus garage and storage building. It was a tremendous year of blessing. 

In the spring of 2018, we added a 12 foot video screen, HD projector and a new sound system to the Life Center so we can do family movie nights, (the youth department sells hotdogs, Cokes and popcorn as a fund raiser) Super Bowl, NCAA March Madness as well as Ladies Streaming Conferences and other activities. The chairs are padded, the sound is awesome and the video quality is great. It is a great place of fellowship. In the near future, we will use the stage, projector, screen and sound system for youth worship services. We also converted and remodeled an unused carport so we could do food storage. Once a month, we feed the community with groceries, meats and box foods to take home. It is a tremendous blessing to our community.

Due to the COVID 19 Virus and the Governments recommendations about 6' social distancing, we moved from our Sanctuary to the Family Life Center Gym for our Sunday morning worship services. Because we were required to NOT have small groups, our Wednesday nights and other activities are cancelled. The "new" Sanctuary (FLC Gym) is spacious and accommodating. We built new platforms, the sound is incredibly good, we can seat 150 people with our padded chairs set in groups so we can honor the request of 6' social distancing guidelines. We wear wrist bands (see our home page) so we can be distant and respect those who (red) don't want to be touched, (yellow) those who only want a knuckle or elbow bump or (green) those who still are comfortable with handshakes and hugs. 

During this terrible pandemic and horrible year, God is pouring out great blessings at Christ Community Church.